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Ryan Gosling is keeping Eva Mendes close to his heart (literally) while promoting his new movie

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“Traveling for work” means something different when your job is “to be a movie star so charming that he literally played a plastic doll whose name is synonymous with masculine attractiveness.” to Ryan Gosling Business trips are less “traditional in Las Vegas over a long weekend” and more “video interviews in Europe alongside.” “Emily Blunt”.

However, work travel takes Gosling away from his family, including his old partner Eva Mendes and their two daughters, Esmeralda 9 years and Amada He is 8 years old. In a recent interview to support his upcoming film ScapegoatGosling found a way to keep Mendes close to his heart – literally – He wears a T-shirt bearing the title of Mendes’ upcoming children’s book. sweet? absolutely yes.

In the interview with Hits Radio, posted Monday on YouTube, Gosling and co-star Blunt sat together to talk about their film, with Gosling wearing a white T-shirt with the words Desi and Mami and their endless worries Mendes name on the chest.

The book, which will be released in September, is “a love letter to my children and your children,” Mendes said. the people Speaking about his first story for children: “Learning to train our brain to work for us and not against us is easier said than done!” At my house and Desi’s house, we try to address the endless fears and anxieties we all have, so those negative thoughts don’t take over.”

Gosling and Mendes met in 2011 on set the place beyond the pines And while they’re rarely seen together on red carpets, they show their support for each other with cute shoutouts, like Gosling’s “E” necklace during his performance of “I’m Just Ken,” which was nominated for Best Original Song. Barbieat the Oscars, while Mendes posted from his dressing room.

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Scapegoat It will arrive in theaters on May 3.

A representative for Gosling did not immediately respond to a request for comment Vanity gallery.

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