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The Alps Ice Academy was founded to develop ice sports in Alto Adige.

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(MG) In recent days, the first sports academy in the Alps region of Italy has been officially established – with a documented document – under the name “Alps Ice Academy”, thus laying the foundation stone for the South Tyrol project for an ice sports academy.

This is a joint venture involving the ten most important ice hockey clubs in South Tyrol. Communities: HCB Alto Adige Bolzano, HC Valle Postria, Ritner Boam, HC Gherdina, WC Broncos Vipiteno, HC Merano Junior, HC Unterland Cavaliers, HC Appiano, HC Bressanone Falcons, HC Dobbiaco Aespirs, They combined their strengths, skills and experience, and put them at the service of a common vision: Develop and establish a national reference center for snow sports. The aim is to create an ideal and comprehensive training and work place for future world-class ice athletes before the 2026 Olympic Games and beyond, while the idea is to build and develop a sports center that provides young athletes with the opportunity to develop their talents in a professional and purposeful way and realize their potential.

This project was based on the initiative of Erich Falkensteiner (President of HC Val Pusteria), Dorothea Mader (Chairman of the Board of Directors of the newly founded company) and Jochen Schenk (Director of HC Val Pusteria). In developing the project, the three were supported by Thomas Rothensteiner (Vice-President of the Italian Federation of Snow Sports FISG), Harald Oberauch, and Günther Hill (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors).

“The sporting character of the Alpine Ice Academy is as important as the academic one, to prepare athletes for their future, both in their sporting careers and in their academic and professional development,” said Dorothea Mader. In this regard, the School Inspector and Deputy Regional School Director, Werner Sporer, and the principals of the most important secondary schools in Brunico have already promised their support and their willingness to contribute to the organization of school commitments to give athletes the possibility of obtaining a solid cultural education that must be combined with sporting activity.

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The Alpine Snowboard Academy will be based in Brunico. “The Intercable Arena, says Leo Brugger, Managing Director of the Alps Ice Academy with its two ice rinks, offers the best conditions for this purpose, and the school center is only a few steps away. Moreover, the campus ground, which has about 80 beds Several study and training rooms will be located right next to the square and have already been provided by the municipality of Brunico.”

The Alps Ice Academy team made its debut at the traditional Lions Cup in Prague from August 8-12, where it finished second. Stefan Asper and Uli Hicks, the academy’s sports directors, accompanied the players of the various clubs to the tournament in the Czech capital after a preparatory camp.

In addition, further participation in tournaments is planned, including the U-16 tournament and other joint training camps. “The goal should be for the Alpine Ice Academy teams to also participate in international tournaments in the near future,” said Thomas Rothensteiner. The federation must create the opportunity for our young talents to compete with stronger players from other countries.

“An international tournament such as the EBYSL until recently would be desirable and well accepted by us.” In this regard we hope that – as of the next tournament – the youth tournament will be reconstituted for teams registered in the Ice Hockey League. The financial element is clearly essential to manage this ambitious project and achieve the goals. In the long term, the founding companies also depend on the support and interest of investors and private companies. “The sponsors are the strength,” said Eric Falkensteiner. “Alperia provided generous assistance to start the project. The provincial government together with the provincial president Arno Compacher and the municipality of the city of Brunico were also decisive in the first steps.”

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Through similar premise, we hope that Alpine Ice Academy can grow stronger step by step. Obviously there are plans to accommodate all snow sports centers in the future and to integrate all snow sports centers in South Tyrol. But this is still – for now – a goal to be achieved.

In the featured image is the logo of the newly established company. As for the others, President of the Alpine Ice Academy: Dorotea Mader, and Leo Brugger, CEO of the Alpine Ice Academy and the Intercable yard in Brunico.

Image source: HC Pustertal

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