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Russian agents. New Labriola DJ

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Tim’s Board of Directors, which met today under the chairmanship of Salvatore Rossi, “took note of Forgiveness of Agents by Luigi Gubitosi After his acceptance, he decided to revoke Luigi Gubitosi from the positions of CEO and General Manager of the company and from the relevant authorities, thus proceeding with the reorganization of governance and redistribution of agents.” The Italian telecom announced that the operator in Gubitosi, who owns 3,957,152 shares of Tim, remains manager.

Tim President Salvatore Rossi, on behalf of the entire board of directors, read the memo “expressing his sincere thanks for the work done by Gubitossi.” Tim’s President, Salvatore Rossi, is charged with responsibilities and authority relating to partnership and alliances, corporate communications, sustainability and sponsorship projects, and public affairs, as well as responsibility for managing assets and Tim’s activities of strategic importance to the defense system and the national. Safety. This was announced by Tim in a statement issued at the conclusion of the Board’s business.

Pietro Labriola, the new general manager

On the proposal of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, and in implementation of the Company’s Succession Plan, the Board of Directors decided “to appoint Pietro Labriola as General Manager, who will retain the position of CEO of the subsidiary Tim SA, and define his powers, faculties and powers, ensuring absolute continuity and stability in the management of the Company, and decisions are subject to The above mentioned contacts and decisions of all authorities and other parties involved.” Tim announced this in a note at the end of today’s board meeting. Pietro Labriola is not in the possession of Tim’s stock. Labriola expressed his sincere thanks to the Board of Directors for the confidence they had shown and reiterated his full commitment to accompany Tim on his development path.

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The new senior management structure of the company immediately ensures, for the benefit of all stakeholders, the full operation of the group,” Tim declared at the end of the board of directors. Tim emphasizes that the new structure also ensures in such a stage a coherent, consistent and resolute guide to the full exploitation of the operational capabilities and prestige of the company has been established. in the market, while respecting the role of all shareholders and other stakeholders.”

Tim notes that the governance solution identified “forms an essential step in the CEO succession planning process, as Spencer Stewart pursues the commitment of the Board as a whole, and in particular, the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, with the assistance of the advisor. .The commitment aims to define stable and enduring executive leadership on the The medium term of the company, which takes into account the evolution of the general structure of the company and the business environment associated with it.

Initiation of CDA activities to examine manifestations of non-binding interests KKR

Tim’s board of directors has begun activities to examine Kkr’s noncommittal expression of interest. This was announced by the Italian telecom operator. The Board of Directors “in connection with the indicative and non-binding expression of interest sent by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (Kkr), on the past nineteenth day, reserving the right to evaluate each strategic option in the interest of the Company and its stakeholders, on the proposal of the Oversight Committee and Risk, by establishing an ad hoc committee composed of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and four independent directors: the chief independent director and directors Paolo Bocardilli, Marella Moretti and Ilaria Romagnoli.

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