Home Economy Is the metaverse just an illusion?

Is the metaverse just an illusion?

Is the metaverse just an illusion?

Facebook has staked everything on the metaverse and made huge investments in this new virtual world where people will be able to live but also trade and work.

The metaverse It is a new frontier for business and leisure and many companies aim at it with great conviction.


In the metaverse People will be able to meet but also create true romantic relationships and they will also be able to work and trade.

Revolution may be wrong

Metaverse is the evolution of the ancient dream of virtual reality From the ’90s but today it seems pretty close.


According to many analysts, the metaverse will be a massive revolution but the company has focused on it more than anything else It’s just Facebook. In fact, Facebook changed its name and is now called Meta. Meta already from the name shows how often it refers to the metaverse And in fact, the investment that meta has made on this new technology platform has been really massive. However, in its 18 years of activity, Facebook, today called Meta, has never broken Staff while having to do it today and for the first time.

What are the causes of META problems?

The extremely difficult economic situation is sure to take its toll on social networks just as it does in all other businesses But many wonder if Facebook is wrong to focus so much on the metaverse. Basically, today analysts are wondering if Facebook’s problems are related to users’ fatigue towards social networks Or competition from new Chinese social networks like tik tok Or other or very strong investments on the metaverse front.

new doubts

Regardless of all these questions, the search continues on the metaverse front and many really believe it This also leads us to be convinced. Even regular citizens can invest in the metaverse with the right ETFs focused on this very new technology. After cutting dead staff It sounds just like an alarm bell. But the verdict on this is not unanimous. The truth is that today it is very difficult to assess whether the metaverse is just a great collective illusion or whether it is in fact something solid. Smart glasses or foldable cell phones have been hailed as real revolutions for years But then it turned out to be a real fiasco. The desires of the industry do not always coincide with the desires of the people.


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