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Russia, Moscow court revokes publishing license in Novaya Gazeta

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A Moscow court revoked the publishing license of the independent newspaper Novaya GazetaDirected by the Nobel Peace Prize Dmitriy Muratov. Reporting Agency RIA Novosti. The decision came at the request of the state media watchdog, Roskomnadzor. Novaya Gazeta However, he suspended the publications with an independent decision since March denouncing pressure from the authorities for his critical stance against the so-called special military operation in Ukraine, where the ongoing war within Russia’s borders is determined by order of Vladimir Putin.

On the fifth of March alwaysthe Russian parliament, by a large majority New misinformation lawA method of silencing opinions that go against the line imposed by the system. According to supporters of the new text, the goal was to limit the dissemination of “false” information about the armed forces. In fact, it was possible to commit a crime – punishable by a maximum 15 years in prison – The use of terms such as “war” or “invasion” in favor of the formula imposed by the Kremlin.

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