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Corona virus, the latest news from Italy and the world on Covid, the green corridor and vaccines –

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The curve of infection in Italy is rising: today there are 5,335 new lives of Covid and 33 victims (Here is the latest post) As it rises to 0,96 Infection index Rt e Infection on 100,000 people: 46 (from 34 last week). Control room predictions and experts predict Other increases In the coming weeks. Also, normal hospitalizations are increasing slightly, but there are The situation is still under control Thanks to the high rate of pollination: so all areas remain in the white stripe. Meanwhile, the management The third dose (Between the extra dose of the weak and the booster dose after 6 months which has already reached more than 1.147 million Italians.
Who is the Infection map of the world.

12.26 – Problem: Vaccine protection remains high even with the delta variant

High vaccination efficacy compared to hospitalization in non-critical wards with 92% protection rate, 95% in intensive care, and 91% mortality compared to even with the dominant delta variant. What is shown in the ISS Week Extended Report which incorporates weekly observations. The proportion of injuries among health workers compared to the total was stable at 3.6%. This was confirmed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanit in a tweet.

11.51 am – New cases recorded in Russia, 1160 deaths in 24 hours

Russia is registered 40,251 Corona virus cases during the past 24 hours, which is the highest daily number since the beginning of the epidemic. This is announced by the Coronavirus Crisis Center. The number of deaths was 1,160, down from 1,163 the day before. The official death toll has risen to 237,380. Tass Reports

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10.40 a.m. – The highest cases are found in Bolzano, Friuli and Veneto

It is the Autonomous Province of Bolzano with a value of 101.7 (versus 85.6 the previous week), followed by Friuli Venezia Giulia at 96.5 (almost double the value of the previous week) and Veneto at 61.4 (versus 48.3) The three regions and autonomous provinces with the highest value of Covid cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with a nation value of 46. Data refer to the week of October 22-28 ) and are shown in the accompanying table for the weeks on the indicators of decision-making (hospital incidence and occupancy).

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