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Russell chants in Canada: “Episodes must be scrapped” – F1 drivers – Formula 1

Russell chants in Canada: “Episodes must be scrapped” – F1 drivers – Formula 1

The last two weeks have certainly not been spent in the name of civility and respect in the world of Formula 1, tainted by some facts and raised serious doubts about some human values: pronounced from racist epithets. Jury Whipps and Nelson Piquet – the latter against Lewis Hamilton – for admission Lando Norris Among the death threats received on social media, another chapter was added recently, less serious than the previous one, but not positive at the sporting level.

Especially, ahead of the British Grand Prix weekend, that is George Russell To tell the media about an unprecedented event that happened in the pre-Montreal race, which particularly bothered him: for the first time in his life, in fact, the Englishman received the sound. Whistle from the stands Once his name was spoken. The Mercedes driver told reporters, revealing the behavior of some of the onlookers at GPs: “When your visibility increases, there are many positives – explained – But other negatives too. Someone yelled my name and yelled at me in Montreal: I was in the driver’s parade and it was so weird to see this 35 or 40-year-old kid whistling at me. him. I try to stay calm, do my best in every race, put on a good show, and be polite and kind to everyone. There are things to get used to: unfortunately this is the world and the society we live in today. Athletes do not deserve to be cheered by spectators. This dynamic It should be removed. What right does that guy have to whistle at anyone? What right do fans in football stadiums have to insult players? They do their job and do everything they can to get a career. I think that’s the aspect that a lot of people don’t appreciate at this stage.”

In addition, Russell expressed his opinion about what happened to his teammate, who was the victim of racist phrases uttered by Nelson Piquet in recent days: “I think it’s clear that we all need to do more to eliminate this racism It’s not just in the world of motorsport, but also in society – Commented – I believe the problem goes further with the social abuse people experience online. It is great to see so many people coming together to express their opinion and support. I believe we all have an obligation to do more. It is shocking that this continues even today“.

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