Home sport Rucco welcomed the hockey champions Valdagno at the rink at Palazzo Nievo

Rucco welcomed the hockey champions Valdagno at the rink at Palazzo Nievo

Rucco welcomed the hockey champions Valdagno at the rink at Palazzo Nievo

The Vicenza County Council room was painted yellow and jubilant today thanks to a visit to the Valdagno women’s hockey club. Very young, the “oldest” is a little over twenty and the youngest is 13, and above all very strong.

to receive them Francis RoccoThe president of the province and a member of the provincial council responsible for sports and equal opportunities Julia Bussatowho wanted to meet the team to congratulate them in person on a really exciting sports season.

girlshockey club Valdagno In fact, for the first time in the history of the wool club she won the Italian women’s hockey championship (in the final she beat historical opponents Matera, who snatched the title last year from Valdagno) and for the second year in a row they won the Coppa Italia.

«You are the strongest in Italy – started president Rocco Proudly – Hockey is a sport that is gaining momentum in our province and giving us emotions and victories. We met last year in order to win the Coppa Italia and this year I managed to achieve even more. It means that the team is working.”

A team of young athletes, all from Vicenza. Good on and off the field, as indicated by the manager Joseph lipstickThey participate in practically daily training and matches on weekends, but without neglecting their studies.

«You have an extra gear – underlined board member BussatoSport makes you live unique experiences and emotions, and you wish that this passion will always accompany you, because sport is and must remain above all fun. Thus, team sport creates basic human bonds and relationships to face life with greater confidence and determination. We are proud of you and really glad to know that you have a well-fed nursery, with so many girls approaching the sport too thanks to your example.”

On behalf of the county, Councilman Bossato handed a plaque in the hands of the vice captain Elizabeth lorenzato. On the other hand, the Valdagno Hockey Club honored President Rucco with the new team jersey in white with light blue lettering. On the back of the shirt, the designation is made with the writing of Rucco and the number 114, the municipalities that make up the province of Vicenza.

Below is the new Valdagno Women’s Hockey Club jersey

Valdagno hockey jersey front 22-2


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