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Rucalomera. Sports center remains closed “citizens deprived of a place to live”

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The football and five-a-side tennis courts are no longer usable due to the lack of a manager. Minority interrogates Mayor Argyrovi

Rucalomera – The Rucalomera Multi-Purpose Sports Center remains closed. The athletes’ complaints were collected by the members of the four minorities council (Rita Corini, Ivan Cremente, Tiziana Maggio, Antonino Scarci) who submitted a question to Mayor Gaetano Argyrovi to find out “the reasons and reasons for the termination of the management of the sports facility, since any date and since, The activity put in place by the management to allow a quick resolution of the problems that have arisen.” The minority explained that the presence in the municipal area of ​​the structure, which is equipped with a football field, two tennis courts and large changing rooms, attracts many young people and athletes who appreciate the opportunity to practice sports inside it even if the municipality, in these years, did not guarantee the effective and continuous performance of the same.

‘unjustified closure’

According to the opposition, it is not justified that “this sports facility remains closed for long-term use, especially in the summer period, taking into account the influx of vacationers and tourists into the country, with the consequences of that.” and the potential increase in users of the sports facility.” Members of the municipal councils asked the mayor to find out “any correspondence between the municipality and the director of the sports facility throughout the entire management period, from inception to termination of the relationship” and “the reasons that did not allow the municipality to quickly find an alternative, albeit temporary solution.” , aims to ensure that the center is used without interruption of service.” The members of the opposition council concluded that “the social, sports and recreational function that the multi-purpose sports center plays in the regional context is of fundamental importance.”

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