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Round table on the “Space of the Sacred” in the building in Campo Marte in Brescia

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breccia. Tuesday February 28th at 5.30pm, In the reading room of the Campo dei Marte building, in Via Campo dei Marte 3 in Brescia, discussion: “Sacred Space”.
Walter Minellaauthor of the book: The rest of the sacred.
Marigliena Sandrini
Book author: Adoption, labyrinth, thread, plot.
Lucia Fantiniauthor of the book: The secret of the dawn, the stories of the words of the renaissance.
Adelaide BaldoPresident of the Brescia Free Culture Association, psychotherapist and group analyst.
Free admission.
Association breccia free culture, within the coursethe border “He proposes to meet on the sacred space.
From the meeting view:
«Perhaps it may seem strange to some that, after two meetings on scientific subjects, such a different subject is proposed.
In reality, Brescia Free CultureWith this course, he wanted to investigate Those border placesWith which it is customary to encounter, in fact, we can say so Borders are the daily bread of life.
We find them every time That a situation (in private life, in scientific research, in self-development, in major economic and social choices) presents us with something new and unknown that forces us to ask whether We dare to go furtherto get acquainted with what was hitherto unknown, Or we’d rather stay As he knows, reassures and surrenders to new possibilities Although it is often fraught with danger, which leads to other limits They will repeat this passage over and over and so on.

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