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Ronnie Remmey could move to Germany from the squad with Canada

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Canadian Ronnie Remme No longer available on national teams selected by Alpine Canada for the next 2022/2023 season.

Slalomist, Combinedist and Supergiant, Ronnie – born 1996 – finished second at the Grans-Montana in the 2018/2019 season, scoring only twice last season: one at Zagreb Slum 17 / a and 22 / one at Lenserhide Superjil.

In recent days Eurosport Germany has begun the hypothesis that Ronnie can marry the German Federation DSV, in fact the Canadian has a grandmother of German descent, until a few years ago she also had a German passport.
Another “clue” is that Ronnie competed in the German National Championships, particularly in the Carmelite Kandahar, winning the race with one hundred times better time than the national title winner Emma Eicher.

To complete the change of nationality, both federations must agree and submit the request to the FIS, which must approve it.

In recent times, other Cup players have changed nationalities to Baumann (from Austria to Germany) in 2019 or Jan Hudec (from Canada to the Czech Republic) in 2016 or Estelle Alphand (from France to Sweden) in 2017.

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