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Romito has safe banks and a new space – Chronicle

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A deserted, degraded area at risk of flooding. There is now a four-meter bridge, eight on the river side, a shopping center of 4 thousand square meters, a parking lot for 180 cars, and the land on which a usable green area will be born. Yesterday the large-scale soil defense work was completed, within kilometers of the intervention between Romito, Arcola and Bativulu to secure an area that has always been prone to flooding and therefore not very suitable for flood livability. Now it will be. It is the first extract from the first functional piece of the Magra Dam, at the confluence of the Rio Maggio Stream, the total amount of works carried out is about 1,360,000 euros in total, the design and implementation of the work was managed and financed by the company “Il Centro” di Romito srl, on the basis of the signed agreement with the Liguria region. The work relates to a section of the bridge about 270 meters long, which joins upstream with the current at Ponte Vecchio and continues towards Rio Maggio. The intervention also included the construction of a section of the banks of the Rio Maggio, starting at the confluence of the river for an upstream section of about 37 metres, as well as the construction of a single bridge structure. Part of the general project of the dam planned for flood safety, with a return time of 200 years, with the participation of Bativolo and Romito, in the municipalities of Arcola and Sarzana, between the railway bridge and the Romito cemetery for a single linear development of 1.5 kilometres. For the comprehensive intervention, the Liguria region has already allocated more than 13 million euros, of which 5.8 million have already been contracted and delivered. The remaining completion works will be contracted within a year to allow the works to be completed in 2024. “A perfect union of the public…

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