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Revolt of the Apes – Planet of the Apes, this is what happened to Will Rodman

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Left without explaining to us what will happen to Will Rodman: the hero of the film played by James Franco appears for the last time during the agonizing farewell to Caesar, and with the second film of the saga that begins when ten of our dates have already passed.

Revolt of the Apes – Planet of the Apes shows us a world devastated by proliferationALZ-113: The world’s population is now gone and monkeys are taking over thanks to the massive increase in intelligence due to the effects of the drug that was supposed to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

But let’s get back to us: what happened to lowell In this broken world now? The fate of James Franco’s character is not revealed to us explicitly, but let’s guess his fate: when Cesar returns home, in fact, we see on the front door an X with it Patients’ residences, while Will’s Jeep Wagoner looks abandoned and attacked by vegetation outside our house.

So it’s hard to think that Rodman escaped to try to save himself: everything suggests that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ protagonist was a victim of ALZ-113 as much as world population. Did you notice these details? Let us know in the comments! Here, meanwhile, find a file Our review of the monkey revolution.

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