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Roma Calcio Ambutati, a dream come true

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password: Sport is inclusion. Title Dedicated toopen day Who opens the football season in ASD Roma Amputees FootballA team founded by a warrior and a dreamer Arturo Mariani. Twenty-eight years of great spirituality mixed with unparalleled courage and strength of mind, Arturo He is a “smart boy” – He also likes to laugh a lot.He is always surrounded by the president of the sports club, his father Steven, the first among Nabil Project fans to see a return to running after the ball, the dreams of many athletes who interrupt their dreams, in this special yellow and red team, they return to the sprint at the speed of the wind and more. Even Roman heroes and idols know this well Simon Perrotta And the Max Tonito which, with Jem’s Soccer & Futsal Academy – a very active reality in the area between Rome and Ostia, founded and directed by his friend Gianluca Caruso -, She hosted the sporting event with her participation, confirming the great support he showed from the beginning for Mariani’s career and the many athletes who move Football amputees in Rome.

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Support is more embodied in the words of the world champion Beirut which states that: “Sport at any level is inclusive but from here today begins a very powerful message through the individual stories of each of these young people. This project is going in the right direction, a spirit of complete inclusivity fueled by a sincere desire to play football and not stop, despite everything, though difficulties” – Supports the former Giallorossi who continues – “We can always do a lot to accept such situations, which give children who may not have had the opportunity to do so, to get back into play. But to do it better, you need structures. If we were for children, it was enough to go down the street with two bags two backs to act as poles, and it is essential for these children to take appropriate precautions and appropriate structures that make this more and more possible and no longer so special” and Perotta concluded.

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The sporty and holistic design of Arturo It has also crossed national borders and obtained the approval of the Prince Albert of Monaco Which, through the words Antonio Eminiosent his personal care to the team led by 28-year-old Romani and also supportedlike romewho became its official spokesperson Francesco Pastorellawhich brings as a gift an important token such as the official shirt of the hero Paulo Dybala Greetings from the first Giallorossi team. A precious prize given at the end of a unique morning, which got rid of deep emotions because only football can give and which has taken on greater dimensions, also thanks to the presence of the coach. Sauro Simarelli Athletes and athletesASDD Roma Blind Footballanother important reality that has taken the field for years, and gives back to the boys and girls who are a part of it, that light that they lack.

And so Arturo had a dream that, thanks to sport, grew day by day, and became a tangible reality, according to another, much bigger dream, a new and more suitable world, where the term “inability” Definitely give way to the word “proAbility”It is purposely designed to completely break down those social, physical and architectural barriers to which one is still often held hostage. This is why the unpublished was introduced ProAbile Academywhich is a real side of Football amputees in Romewhose start has been welcomed Via del Foso de Dragonicello, by many former football and entertainment world champions. from former players Alessandro Battisti And the Ubaldo Rigetti Even veteran Luciano Tesari Then the free football player Dario Piantadosiin turn responsible for Italy and founder SCF Freestyle Football SchoolWhich teaches the little ones how to make magic with the ball between their feet. The former javelin player can also be seen in the stands Emmanuel Florio Join the kickboxing champion Elena PantaleoTurkey is expected in a few days to fight for the European Championship title. And the wrestler told Il Messaggero: “Next week I will be in Antalya to defend the champion title at under 65 kg, so I can’t play. But I couldn’t miss it, being inspired by the incredible strength of these athletes” – said Pantaleo who then added – “These guys are very good and very strong. I am a fan of handling such a physical effort, with ridiculous shoulder work combined with the usual football movement of the feet. I am looking forward to a union between CIO and CIP – (Italian, Olympic and Paralympic committees respectively) -, With different categories of probability as in all sports. And that should be the basis and then, I think, every athlete should support similar facts of inestimable value.”

There is no shortage of institutions and bodies in the sector, with Lazio region represented by Roberto TaffaniManaging Director of Sports and Board Member Alessandro Onorato for The capital is Rome who said “It was a great honor to be able to play for ASD Roma Calcio Ambutati. I thank them because they are the finest, purest and most beautiful part of sport and they are a life lesson for all of us. Let’s break down all barriers.” Also in the field Leonardo BuckyOn a break from the play, while joking with her friend and actress Paula Pisot and the manager Daniel Frontonialways attentive to the topic of “Sports and Disability” with short films signed with the author Valerio Molinaro. Dribbling on the sidelines waiting to enter, even the former coach Mauro Pensivinga with the boxer Emmanuel Blandamora For the President of the Paralympic Committee Marco Ianuzziwhich followed the arrival Rodolfo Pisa of Monterosawhich represents the famous sports brand of three teams that signed the jerseys of the special Giallorossi athletes.

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