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Palmieri: Bad indications for Skriniar regeneration | football | Top news | Sports and go

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Dwell on Skriniar Tancredi’s motto Palmieri In his editorial for Linterista. The journalist at Sportitalia is skeptical about the renewal of the Slovak language, these are the key passages of his article

Inter suggested the maximum possible, €6.2m for the equalization Skriniar to me Lautaro. He can’t get past that, and he’s thrown in €1.8m in bonuses, most of which are no small feats. Even if PSG haven’t stirred things up lately, there’s no need for that. With guerrilla velvet media Marotta And Ausilio tried in every possible way: first in the fall, then by world CupThen, at the end of the year. There is no result, there was negotiation and it stayed there.

Obviously, having nothing change isn’t a bad sign, but simply the worst. Because even though Skriniar really wants to get the best out of his negotiate Also positive for Inter, but if these numbers do not respond in the slightest to what he would have expected, the best strategy would be precisely not to feed any discussionRemain silent as much as possible to avoid confrontation. An outright refusal would be a throwback to serenity. Silence is the only way to protect yourself:EnvironmentMaintaining a civil relationship does not spoil relations with the Inter administration. But at this point the salutation becomes one opportunitynot a chance.

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