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Roberti’s justifications for horrific phrases

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Roberti’s partner, Democratic regional advisor Sarah Battisti, on the origins of the angry brawl: “Albino was commenting on a missed penalty awarded to Roma in the derby.”

Albino Roberti resigned from the office of the Prime Minister for the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, After publishing a video (in Il Foglio) of him in the middle of a violent verbal altercation that took place two months ago in a restaurant in Frosinone. The recipient of his violent words Vladimiro de AngelisAbove all, and his brother Francesco, a Democratic Party member and former regional council member and former candidate (he also resigned to “avoid exploitation”) in the September 25 political elections. In the video, you can also hear the voice of the Democratic Party’s regional advisor Sarah Battistinear partner De Angelis and Ruberti.

All the justifications given by Roberti, de Angelis and Batiste

But what are the reasons for the anger of Albino Roberti? Here are some of the sentences he said:

“They don’t tell me I bought you.” And again “I will give five minutes to come and apologize on your knees. If they have to kneel in front of you.

Roberti provided the first justification for these sentences to the paper:

The Civitavecchia Affair, Giorgia Meloni: “Nostalgia for the operetta is traitors to the Brothers of Italy”

“This is a football dispute, which took place about two months ago in Frosinone with a third person, which I do not want to mention, at the end of a dinner. Vladimiro and Francesco de Angelis were also present at the scene, and I with them. Excellent relations. No more. “

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Sarah Battisti, in an interview with La Presse, added that the debate was born from a penalty that was not awarded to Rome:

“Dinner was almost over, some were pushing, I was smoking a cigarette. They were talking about the transfer market for a while, Real Madrid, Juventus, Albino were commenting on a missed penalty awarded to Roma in the derby and they made a joke and a quarrel broke out with that person.”

Then Ruberti added another detail to the Corriere della Sera:

“We discussed football. The big words moved on. I made a sad joke to someone who was with us at the table. He was offended. He reacted. He attacked me. Always verbally.”

And again Sarah Battisti, always on Corriere:

“It was dinner mostly boys. They were discussing football in the transfer market. He started a quarrel over the Roma-Lazio derby. At the time of the joke I wasn’t there. I had gone out for a smoke.”

In an interview with the press, the CEO of Capitoline confirmed that everything was born for reasons of football, but then added that during dinner the diners also talked about political cooperation:

“Football was the impetus for another reaction, certainly exaggerated in words, phrases that do not reflect me, but are completely out of place, even if extrapolated from a particular context.”

There is talk of ‘normal political cooperation’, which also had to do with ‘regional cooperation. But nothing about inappropriate requests or things. If there were, I would have been the first to report’.

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Roberti added to La Repubblica:

“Football mixed with politics and it ended like this. We were talking about Roma and Lazio, the congress league final and a penalty that wasn’t awarded to the pianoceleste in the derby. Then the situation deteriorated when the ball got mixed up with the political situation Frosinone. I didn’t agree to the derby, I told Vladimiro that maybe it was He drinks wine, and he answered that way.”

Another part of the evening explained by Roberti to Corriere della Sera:

“Vladimiro intervened to put down the quarrel, and from his point of view as a businessman, it was a waste of time for this nonsense. Hence the phrase ‘I will buy you.’ He didn’t ask, it was just a way of saying he was wasting his time.”

The person in question, Vladimiro de Angelis, told his account to Askanews:

“I just tried to avoid that a discussion born of futile reasons in football at a table between friends could deteriorate.”

He confessed to his pronunciation of Me te compro:

“I don’t live from politics, I live from my work. It was a spree, certainly not very happy, which I immediately apologized to Chancellor Sarah Battisti in response to the threatening words of Roberti, who addressed people who were trying to please spirits and myself, screaming” I will spoil you.

Once again, Sarah Battisti relives the whole story, who told Nova:

“The discussion began inside the restaurant while comments were being made at a football match that led to a misunderstanding between Albino and Adriano Lambezzi, a mayor of a small town in the province of Frosinone. Lambazi misinterpreted a joke. Albino was upset. He started a raging and somewhat desperate verbal quarrel that we tried to put down. But the quarrel was between the two of them and all the people around were just trying to make it clear that they raised the tone for a useless reason.”

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