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Rimini, the glass is half full.

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Three consecutive games without scoring a goal, a total speed that rose to 355 minutes plus steals, after he last scored in the fifth minute from Alessandria Rimini with Delcaro. The numbers also show that Rimini have not scored more than one goal in a match since their last home win, on December 10 against Ancona when it finished 2-1. Data that, without the encouraging loot accumulated in the first round, would be very troubling. The problem isn’t that it’s simple if you think the reds and whites have supplement aspirations, which, going forward at this rate, will hardly be realized. The draw against Siena, the second in a row, 0-0, also left positive signs: it is true that some chances were given and the two wood workers saved Zaccagno, but Rimini managed not to concede goals for the second match in a row.

Not bad, Captain Lorenzo Lafroni knows that. “We kept the point, we could have won because we had many chances in the second half but now we are struggling to finish the game. We have to keep working to take care of this aspect which is very important.”

Rimini’s performance was two-faced: «The opponents were also on the field, in the first half the Tuscans came to take us well even in terms of strength but in reality there was a chance for each of them. But in the second half we had so many chances, in terms of size and chances that we couldn’t do more: we have to improve in front of goal ».

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At least, Rimini kept a second consecutive clean sheet with Zaccagno never though the woodwind was providential: «We have to look at the glass half full and the solidity. Teams that win championships concede few goals, in fact in the last few matches the only exception was that Gubbio’s goal was born from our mistake. But we have to improve on the other side because you have to score in order to win.”

Despite the relegation (7 points in 9 matches), Rimini, ironically, is still in the play-off zone, followed by Fiorenzuola and Firmana: «We have to stay on the train until the end and be good at winning it: we deserve them. Victory is enough to change things.

What is Rimini missing for a quantum leap? Many ask, and Laveron responds as follows: “I do not think it is a matter of a quantum leap. There were periods when we conceded a lot and scored more goals, and now the opposite. We have to find the right balance, and the goal is to open ourselves up to the ultimate enemy.”

Yesterday a dumping session, today a rest

As usual yesterday the red and whites immediately returned to the field for a relaxing workout. Or at least who was involved against Sienna, since the others had a much more intense session. Today is an absolute rest day, so there will be a pick-up tomorrow as the first two sensitive away games the calendar suggests start targeting. We start in Fermo and continue in Carrara: head-to-head clashes in a special play-off against the Marches.

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