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Eagle Pictures launches Film & More, the new site dedicated to the best home video products. All the details

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DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K fans And much more, together! Eagle picturesa film distribution and production company, has great news for you: it’s already launched Movies and morenew E-commerce website Fully customized for Better than home video products.

On the portal you can find a catalog More than 6000 titles Buy DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K discs, as well as many special and exclusive products. In fact, there’s no shortage of special editions of the most iconic films of recent years, the year’s cinematic and awards season champions. In January 2024, for example, 4K by I’m the captainThe film was written by Matteo Garrone Italian nominee for the upcoming Oscars. In the limited edition you will also find an autograph from the director himself.

Already available exclusively there 4K Collector’s Edition by dampier“cinematic”. Sergio Bonelli Universe Which quotes the famous comedy of the Italian house. on Movies and more You can find it in an elegant limited-edition collector’s box, containing two discs, three collector’s cards, a booklet full of curiosities, the complete storyboard of the film, and an exclusive prop.

Moreover, considering the Christmas period, there is also a special period on the website launched by Eagle Pictures A section containing a lot of gift ideas, including prestigious box sets and collectible films. December’s new releases can already be pre-ordered, which include Indiana Jones and the Quarter Destiny And Murder in Venicebut you can also go further by ordering the latest movie Martin Scorsese, Moonflower Killers, coming to home video in January. For fans, a 4K version of the game will also arrive in 2024 delicatessen to Jean-Pierre Jeunet And Mark my dearContains a numbered collector’s card.

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By subscribing to the site’s newsletter, you will also be able to receive it via email 5 euro voucher Valid with a minimum spend of €40. For more information and the complete list of products that can be purchased or pre-ordered, you can refer to it the site

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