October 3, 2023

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Ridley Scott has Bonaparte rewritten for Joaquin Phoenix: ‘He wasn’t comfortable, he made Napoleon something special’

Ridley Scott has Bonaparte rewritten for Joaquin Phoenix: ‘He wasn’t comfortable, he made Napoleon something special’

Joaquin Phoenix Did he rewrite it all? Napoleon to me Ridley Scott. The Power of Tantrums or the Talent of Stars According to the Claims of the Author (If That’s Scott), Academy Award-Winning Actor for joker He wanted the character of the French Emperor to be in his comfort zone, so he asked Scott, or rather, the screenwriter David Scarpa (that of all the money in the world), to write the script from scratch using his ideas and suggestions. It was Scott himself, during an interview with empire, to reveal what happened during the long period of Napoleon. “Joaquin is the least conventional person you can meet. Not on purpose, but because of his intuition. If something bothers him, he lets you know. That’s why he made Napoleon something special by constantly questioning himself,” explained the creator. Blade Runner. “With Joaquin we could rewrite all this damn movie because he’s not comfortable. And that’s what happened with Napoleon. We unpacked the movie on him to help him focus on who Bonaparte was. I had to respect what he said because it was incredibly constructive. Joaquin made the movie bigger and better. “.

A shot between different urban and rural locations in England, then Malta (ex wrestler ed) for the famous Battle of Toulon, Napoleon It is now in post-production at a cost of close to a hundred million dollars. The movie is primarily in the hands of AppleTV and should not be officially released to theaters. The fact remains that unlike the epic Waterloo was underappreciated Sergey Bondarchukthe Italian-Russian production with Rod Steiger as Napoleon and the screenplay by Mario Soldati, a film that focused on the final act of the emperor in the battle that ended his domination of Europe, Napoleon Written by Scott Will focus on a whimsical narrative line, confronting such a leader: his rise to imperial power through reading of the affair with his wife Josephine (played before Vanessa Kirby). In short, as if they had asked Admiral Nelson to write a biography of Napoleon. So we hope that Phoenix wisely rewrites a weary and incomprehensible historical figure through political correctness as a kind of anti-clerical dictator, revolutionary Risorgimento You are a letteram, only thanks to the alliance of all European aristocratic powers, erasing borders and national history. Before Scott, there were very few traces of the French emperor in the cinema: amazing stylistic technical experimentation Abel Jans dated 1927 which had to be shown on four screens simultaneously and the unrealized project of Stanley Kubrick (Meticulously spurred on by seeing Janice’s masterpiece).

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