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Revenue Agency Appointments: Here’s How to Book an Appointment

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Many taxpayers often need to make an appointment with the Revenue Agency for advice or other issues. However, you are not always sufficiently informed on how to make an appointment: Below we give you a guide to be 100% ready.

The impact of the pandemic is often underestimated in the simplest and most obvious actions of everyday life, such as making an appointment with a government agency. For example there is a caserevenue agencywhich had to put in place new protocols to allow taxpayers to return to the office for appointments.

Let’s see how you can make appointments both in the office and online.

Online appointment: how to use the app

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One way to orderOnline appointment For revenue agency services is to useA specific application provided by the agency. This can be downloaded for free on all operating systems, easily from smartphones and tablets.

It is also possible to perform other actions from the application such as:

  • Book an appointment at an agency office and see the reservations made;
  • Take the web ticket to go to the office on the same day, avoiding unnecessary waiting;
  • Check when it’s your turn at the counter: After taking the web ticket or ticket from the queue at the office, you can watch on your device, even if you are not in the waiting room, the hall view of the front office of the office, to see the status of the queue in real time;
  • Contact the agency’s call center by phone via the designated mobile phone number;
  • Send an e-mail to the agency to receive information on certain topics (service with login).
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Revenue Agency: Here is the new online appointment scheduling service

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The revenue agency must also adapt to digital transformation, whether with regard to the manner of carrying out the work or the appointments. In fact, as of February 28, 2022 this can be done directly online.

through the occasion Online platform In fact, it will be possible to book for the service, but only after carefully filling out the box on the reasons for the appointment. This is to allow operators to be ready with the relevant documents, in order to better assist the applicant citizen.

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