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You will not be able to do without it anymore

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Microwave oven – technological passion

Nowadays, home appliances have now become a part of our complete daily lives and thus have been able to carry out a large part of our daily work within the home environment.

Between washing machines, dishwashers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, dryers, refrigerators, etc., there are indeed many household appliances that we use every day, also considering all the energy consumption they involve and the expenses generated, and above all considering the expensive energy that It has plagued the entire European continent lately.

Today in particular, we will focus in particular on the microwave oven, an appliance that is now increasingly common in the homes of millions and millions of Italians, to cook lunch and dinner in a really simple and fast way.

Like any self-respecting appliance, even the microwave is certainly no exception to the rule and requires constant cleaning and maintenance, since it tends to get dirty and tarnish due to constant contact with the food we serve it with, and therefore it is good to painstakingly clean it so as not to damage its normal function. How do we clean the microwave oven effectively? Let’s get acquainted with the most used and described methods of complete cleaning.

First of all, take a basin of water, in which you will squeeze the juice of two lemons with the remaining pieces. Insert the container inside the microwave itself, then immediately activate the oven’s maximum heating power.

How it works

With the concomitant increase in heat, the water will thus turn into water vapor, and will attack virtually all the adjacent walls of the microwave oven, which date back to days (if not weeks) of constant crusting due to contact (direct or indirect) with various foods. This will allow all the greasy substances to separate from the inner surface of the microwave wall, thus the microwave oven will be cleaned of all these substances.

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At this point the next step begins, for which you will need to obtain preferably a damp cloth, which will go over all the interior walls, in such a way as to remove the most persistent traces of dirt. This is a really useful method, considering that it is quite economical, and does not involve the use of highly polluting products, among other things.

A clean microwave oven – a passion for technology

Moreover, pre-cut lemons can be used in the kitchen for various purposes, thus avoiding their waste.

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