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Revenge of the fallen, why did John Turturro cry?

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A highly experienced actor like John Turturro He will surely have the opportunity to learn to manage his emotions on the set, or in any case not to get overly involved in some situations related to the normal functioning of his work: sometimes, however, something can strike the heart of even the most experienced professional.

In Big Lebowski star’s chastity, something happened on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the second film in Michael Bay’s saga released in 2009 after the success of the franchise’s predecessor in 2007: But back to us, why do we have John She is literally in tears during registration?

The reason is very simple: for a scene from the movie Bay, Turturro was given permission to climb one of the pyramids. These are permissions that are not easily granted, with the Batman star rightly feeling that she has benefited from an enormous privilege, to the point of being relayed:These are not things that are given to you for a movie. You are not allowed to submit a file 4000 year old placeThe words with which Tortoro explained his feelings to Michael Bay were anxious.

How many of you would have same reaction by John Turturro? Feel free to raise your hand in the comments! Here, meanwhile, we leave you to us Transformers: Revenge Fallen . review.

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