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Restrictions will be dropped in Canada. Say goodbye to Montreal and Quebec masks

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The infection curve, due to the local status of the viral agent, returns to control in North America, with controlled activities and vaccination campaigns supported and possible by a number of treatments. In this regard, it is necessary to renew and diligently and emotionally relax the restrictions devoted to the world of school and youth entertainment through sports activities, sports, general study and public social interaction. In this regard, schools in the region have implemented only routine control measures aimed at reducing the risk of infection: the maintenance, organization and use of masks to protect the airways at least two meters apart. Signs of horizontal and rearrangement of rooms. Effective practice of ventilation and installation, in the absence of, adequate consideration of air recirculation and exchange systems. However, in light of the new developments in the health emergency, measures are being relaxed and the rules are being revised in the French-speaking areas of the country: the abandonment of the two-year-old expected mask, especially by children, will soon change. A fact.

Recent developments in the epidemiological situation and emergencies in Canada

As can be seen from the recently released data, the region is experiencing a general improvement in the epidemiological picture and a significant reduction in the SARS – CoV – 2 infection curve. This number was very low in the first week of February, compared to -49%, compared to data released in February for the weekly average daily cases up to 11,662 positives. Currently 80% of people are vaccinated and given 2 doses, while the booster only affects 46% of Canadian citizens. Fortunately, 29 deaths were reported yesterday from a peak of 100-120 deaths per day at the beginning of last February. Hospital recovery also follows the course of the infection and death curve, being resolved in numbers that can be fully managed by the local health system. In line with the data obtained in recent weeks, federal executives are taking steps to develop new health arrangements to control the risk of infection in the courtroom.


Towards the abolition of the duty of masks in the Quebec classroom

Starting with elementary and high school students across the province, Quebec is taking the first step today to eliminate the mandatory mask. Students returning to school after the holidays in March do not have to wear a mask while sitting in the classroom. But the requirement for the Govit-19 mask still applies to common areas of elementary and high schools. Luke Boylo, head of the health department, said wearing masks early next month would become more of a personal choice than a duty. Boileau’s reports came on Thursday, a day after the health department said mask arrangements could be removed in most public places in mid – April. The provincial government said it was encouraging the steady decline in Govt-19-related deaths and hospital admissions, and therefore would like to move in this direction in view of the positive and recent developments.

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