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In Canada, the Bill on Assisted Suicide opens itself up to obvious ambiguities: Capitalism always wins

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By Gianluca Pinto

In 2015 Canada Prohibition on Aided in suicide In the country and a law was passed (2015) which allowed itEuthanasia For those with a terminal illness where natural death is “reasonably foreseeable”.

The requirement was repealed with a bill last year “reasonably foreseeable” and “terminal” conditions. The events that followed the bill (and, as usual, were exploited by conservative movements internationally) opened up many QuestionsApart from the classics usually associated with euthanasia: a small example is the woman who ended her existence. Lack of access to suitable housing Affordability Her health and the grant she had did not allow her to pay for them.

The important question to discern at this point is, in my opinion, no longer ‘normative’ or ‘political’ in nature (when the latter is understood as a conflict between conservatives and conservatives), but Socio-Economic-Political Character.

With this bill, in fact, that is no longer a question Law upon law (In my personal opinion absolutely correct and undeniable) to put an end to their sufferings An incurable evil or to a persistent and irreversible state of anxiety due to intractable health problems (including mental health).

Here it is a question of whether it created one through a legislative choice A place of clear ambiguity (or may seem nearly equivalent) between the circumstances, health, unalterable and irreversible suffering, and the circumstances, always due to health, unalterable suffering, They are not mortal, They are not irreversible, but the possibility of a dignified coexistence depends exclusively on them Economic conditions of a person.

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Thus, we are faced with a substantial translation of the immutability of the most painful and intolerable consequences, albeit implicitly and informally. terminal illness For those in poverty it is immutable, final, painful and unbearable. Effects on the individual.

These conditions Poverty Of many persons (which we must remember or else we lose the sense of things) is due only to one man’s choice. Economic model This leaves more and more individuals in absolute poverty.

The Canadian government acknowledges that there is no other solution to manage their hardships or illnesses in times of poverty and economic incapacity. Help us get out of the way; Hence, reflection on the redistribution of wealth, the immeasurable wealth of the few at the expense of the immorality of the many, economic inclusion, a shift away from a model in which money is used as an instrument of natural selection.

No, it’s unthinkable, something like this irrevocable choice, It is an immutable and unchangeable fate of mankind, like an earthquake or a natural disaster. I can “govern”. Money for suicideYou are not good enough for capitalist society (and you are an expense).

From right to pose The end of a painful life And the conditions, unbearable from the point of view of health, have gone to a denial In the vector The right to survival for those with Economic crisis conditions.

Capitalism begins to tell us: look if you’re poor you’ll stay poor, this is it; I can give you one at most if you’re really struggling Helps to disappear.

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