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Research: Udine, more than 120 researchers in fluid dynamics workshops

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(ANSA) – UDINE, October 24 – Over 120 scientists from around the world are expected to attend Udine from October 26-28 for the 13/o Workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics of the Scientific Society Ercoftac, the European research community on flows and turbulence and combustion. During the meeting, which was coordinated by the University of Friuli’s Multiphase Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, the scientists will discuss numerical simulation techniques applied to the discipline that studies the behavior, in motion, of liquids and gases, and which finds application in the industrial and environmental field. fields. During the workshop, “the latest technologies related to direct numerical simulations or large-scale flow rates characterized by the presence of one or more thermodynamic phases and particularly high-performance applied scientific computation techniques,” explains the university. . To study turbulent flows “computational fluid dynamics” – says Christian Marchioli, of the University of Udine laboratory and head of the workshop – uses numerical computation to solve and analyze fluid dynamics problems through the use of computers.

Thanks to the increasing availability of computing resources, it represents a rapidly growing sector and today it is widely present in the industry of more developed countries.”

The Multiphase Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Marchioli adds, “has been active for more than 20 years studying turbulent flows, with special attention to multiphase flows, and having received from Ercoftac the task of organizing the event fills us with pride as it once again witnesses the scientific maturity of the laboratory.” (Dealing).

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