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Does skipping meals lead to weight loss or weight gain? Science reveals this and makes you understand how to lose weight

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Many people wonder if skipping meals leads to weight loss or weight gain. But now science is revealing it and showing how to lose weight

Maintaining good health and a healthy weight recommended by doctors is essential to living a healthy and energetic life.

Skipping meals –

A lot depends on the diet, which should be balanced and rich in nutrients, but we often don’t get clear advice from experts on this subject. One of the most common doubts is about exercise Avoid mealsDoes it make you lose or gain weight? In the rest of the article, we will try to clarify this doubt and provide useful information for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Skipping meals: Does it make you fat or make you lose weight?

It often happens that, for various reasons such as work, study or other daily obligations, meals are skipped. But many wonder if this practice is so effective To lose weight or, on the contrary, can lead to weight gain. the Scientists They analyzed the effects of skipping meals on our bodies and weight loss and made some interesting discoveries. In the rest of the article, we will see what the experts say and what their tips are for maintaining a healthy weight and losing weight in a healthy and effective way.

This is what scientists say –

Many theories about intermittent fasting suggest that skipping meals is good for our body, and can be key to losing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and feeling better. but, Medical and nutritional experts disagree about this practice. In fact, fasting is not an effective way to lose weight or improve overall health. While in some specific cases, such as during therapeutic fasting, this may be considered, in general fasting can cause this. pressure Her physical and psychological impact Negative for the organism in terms of lack of proteins and vitamins. Also, the weight lost often comes during fasting resume quickly. Hence, according to experts, fasting It is not a recommended method To lose weight and stay healthy.

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the intermittent fasting It is an exception to the contraindications of fasting and can have purifying benefits without any contraindications. However, it is important to stress that fasting as a medical practice, based on the opinion of your trusted doctor, should not have a purpose related to performance, but the goal of a balanced lifestyle. Do-it-yourself diets based on the rule of skipping meals and fasting cycles have no scientific basis and can be accommodated in diseases such as orthopedics. It is best to maintain the rhythms and cycles of a balanced diet.

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