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“Replacement in Europe in 5 years”. Propaganda from North Africa against Europe

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the wrecks They are increasing in the Mediterranean and not, as comrades and anti-Italians would like, because of the new policies of Meloni’s government. On the other side of the sea, in fact, they manage to make analyzes that are much more logical and serious than those that invade the media in our country every day. The pressure in Tunisia is very high and an increasing number of south of the desert He wants to leave Africa in the direction of Europe and this leads to a massive increase in demand, with a consequent attempt by human traffickers to increase their income. This leads to “going off” even in unfavorable weather conditions and to overloading the boats. This is how shipwrecks are born, which are now beginning to frighten the aspirants themselves immigrants, who begin to rebel against the Deceiver, that is, the traffickers. To counter these winds of rebellion, here are theories ethnic replacement to stimulate departure.

Sub-Saharan countries are already in Europe. there Great alternative? in five years. Don’t they believe it?reads a post on one of the many immigrant reference pages. Perhaps there is a fear of a slowdown in departures due to an understandable fear of dying at sea. This is not the first time this type of motivational interrogation has appeared on social networks. Weeks ago Only a few, in fact, in front of the images of the collapsing hotspot of Lampedusa, have there been those who have commented on the usual adage: “Well, after twenty years the world will finally be ruled by black peopleTimes change, but it is not 5 or 20 years that makes the difference in this context, because at the base there is a very specific concept related to the ideology of moving the crossings.

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But this kind of narrative is contested by Africans themselves, who have long complained that their continent has been emptied by young men who have lost their way in Europe. But in the face of recent events, there are also those who reveal the truth behind these propaganda comments: “You always have to write shit like that when they are no longer on their way to rescue you in the Mediterranean. will invade the bottom of the sea, stupid peopleBut there are also those who attempt a more in-depth analysis, and posit a much more likely scenario than that of ethnic replacement:In 5 years their economies will weaken, Their nations will impoverish. You will carry your immaturity home to them. Then, in 5 years they will come to Africa en masse, and they will build your houses, and they will enrich your continent like Europe.At this point, the user explains, “You will find that Europe is no longer good for you. Again you will follow them to Africa. This is the fate of the black man. It is his curse: to follow and complain“.

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