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Release period on PS5 and Xbox Series X revealed | S and PC by CI Games CEO –

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During a recent meeting with shareholders, Marek Teminsky, CEO of CI Games, stated that Lords of the Fallen 2 will come out PS5 and Xbox Series X | S and PC In the 2023. We also learn that tagging for the game will begin in the second half of this year and that the project is the most ambitious in the development house.

“Lords of the Fallen 2 is our biggest project,” says Tymiński, who later added, “We will start the marketing campaign in the third quarter of this year and the game is scheduled to launch in 2023. Production is going according to plan.” The income As for the sequel that looks like spirits, it will be much larger than the previous game, which cost about $9.8 million.

Lords of the Fallen, promotional image

Given the timing of the start of the marketing campaign, it is not excluded that a release date will be set in the first half of 2023. But that is just our guess.

Tymiński has also revealed that the studio is working on a file New game in the series “Sniper” And a new survival IP, entrusted to the blind BatFields studio. It’s not farfetched to hear about these projects in the coming months, but the CEO of CI Games says the focus for now is Lords of the Fallen 2.

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