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Science, the Great Discovery of Dark Matter: Clarity of the Origins of the Universe

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These days Japanese scientists have made an interesting discovery: They have identified dark matter dating back about 12 billion years. He is still under surveillance because there is still no clear information.

“Looking at the dark matter around distant galaxies? It was a crazy idea no one realized we could do that”. Masami AokiCo-author of the study and a cosmologist at the University of Tokyo, did not hide his enthusiasm in reporting this news. To follow too studio head Hirano Mittake express his opinion: “Our finding is still uncertain…but if this is true, it would suggest that the entire model is incomplete when you go back in time”.

dark matter –

However, he wasn’t wrong because something had changed in the past few hours. The distribution of this dark matter around galaxies known to man has been reconstructedIt will make up 85% of our universe. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, this data has been collected To reconstruct a journey back to shape the universe. But with the new discoveries, what was previously confirmed is now called into question.

dark matter map

in the magazine Physical Review Letters The work done by the team led Hironao Miyatake, from Nagoya University in Japan, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Princeton University. specifically go, Light from dark matter has been observed surrounding 1.5 million galaxies It also appeared 12 billion years ago.

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Participants in this project were able to map dark matter as it was long ago the great explosion. It was also possible with a space telescope plank ESA monitor Subaru Hyper Supreme Cam Survey. The exciting discovery concerns the density of this mysterious and dark matter. Earlier it was said that the more they are in galaxies, the more distorted they are. Now, however, its quantity will be less than supposed.

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Gravity lenses -
Gravity lenses –

New model to consider?

The search will continue for some time because everyone involved wants to know the truth. If these latest findings are to have a positive response, then that means it The new model will adequately describe what happened after an explosion the great explosion.

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