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Release date, trailer, plot and cast

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In the coming days, the third and final season of Hanna TV will premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile, the streaming service has launched the official teaser for the new episodes: Will Hanna be able to sabotage the Utrax organization undetected? Let’s find out the release date, plot and crew of the new season.

Amazon Prime Video release Official Announcement subordinate the third NS the last season From the TV series henna, which will appear for the first time on the broadcast platform on November 24 with six new episodes.

henna It is an American television series based on2011 movie of the same name I wrote and uploaded before David Far While executive producers Tom KwanAnd Scott NimesAnd Sixty Marty NS Becky Clements The series follows the events of one The girl grew up in the woods Trying to escape from the realization of a CIA agent And he’s trying to find out real identity.

Hana 3: The plot

Hanna -2

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The The third and final season Lasts A perilous journey for a young HannaBorn out of the idea of ​​an evil organization Utrax and train him to be akiller. What the girl is secretly trying to do is Destroy the Utrax from within He was freed from his grasp with the help of what he had until recently nobleAnd Marisa Wegler.

together forced John Carmichael To help them in their mission, but fellow killers Sandy NS joules and new enemiesIncluding a former military agent and a respected Secret Service agent Gordon Evans, they begin to Suspicion for him Plot.

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As Hana gets closer to the target, she begins to discover more than one target A plan capable of angering the world, but also The real power behind Utrax Which stands between it and freedom.

Hanna 3: Actors

Hanna 3In the role of the hero Hanna Najd His name is Creed Miles, while his opponent was played by Marissa Wegler Mireille Enos. Girl killer buddies Sandy and Jules play in series Aine Rose Daly NS Gianna Keel, While Dermot Mulroney Utrax agent John Carmichael plays the role.

Finally, the new entry will be present in the new season Ray Liotta Like Gordon Evans, a respected former military agent in the Secret Service has incredible power.

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