September 30, 2023

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Redfall, playing alone we will not have companions controlled by AI –

Redfall, playing alone we will not have companions controlled by AI –

Redvale It will offer a suitable single player experience, meaning that playing alone We will not be able to count on support companions controlled byArtificial intelligence: studio director Harvey Smith revealed.

We already know that in the co-op the progress of the campaign will be tied to the host, but there is clearly still a lot to discover in Play From the new title developed by Arkane Austin exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X | S.

“A lot of emphasis in Redfall has been placed on the single player experience, in order to maintain that Typical style of Arkane productsSmith explained, “All the games we’ve made share elements from a creative point of view, although no two are exactly alike.”

Redfall is an open world game, but it can be tackled on its own by playing the role of any of the heroes. Play In this way it becomes more related to exploration, with the possibility of resorting to reconnaissance and stealth to obtain information on threats and avoid enemies or catch them off guard.”

“If you choose to play alone, you will not be accompanied by AI-controlled companions, so as to make the experience Actually single player. It will determine the speed and the strategies.”

“Do you want to do some Redfall sightseeing? It might be a bit dangerous with all these. Vampires The clergy, but set off! There is an island full of puzzles to discover, and in true Arkane style, the world around you will never stop telling you stories, which you can enjoy no matter how many people are playing. “

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