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“Extra Cinema” is a great opportunity not only for young people: it will give the opportunity to return to theaters to watch their favorite films.

We are going through a very difficult period, especially from an economic point of view, when, due to constant price increases, we are forced to really fight for a penny and try to save as much as possible.

New cinema bonus. Credit: Adobe-Stock

In addition to having to fight with a pandemic that does not seem to want to give us any respite, the war in Ukraine has made the situation even more difficult. Its effects extended above all to the economic level, which caused a sharp increase in the bill. As if this were not enough, all the basic necessities have gone through strong price changes, in short, a decidedly unprosperous period for our country, which forces many Italians to literally do the math to make ends meet.

With this cinema bonus you really have a great opportunity: don’t let it slip away

To try to somehow reduce the devastating effects of these increases, the government has already begun work in the past months and launched a series of support for families and businesses in difficulty. Thanks to the Aid Ordinance and the Bis Aid Ordinance, many funds have been earmarked to help those who need it most. If we want to mention a few, we can tell you what’s new glasses bonus or these €200 Directly in the payment voucher.

cinema bonus
Cinema reward. Credit: Adobe-Stock

was a mole Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano To announce an important news will definitely be an opportunity not to be missed.

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From what we’ve learned, about €10 million has been earmarked to make movie theaters thrive again. Certainly one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic that is still struggling to take off again.

But what does this new reward consist of? We can define it as real cinema bonus Not only for youngsters, but for all Spid owners.

In fact, this will be one of the prerequisites to be able to take advantage of the discount of 3 to 4 euros, directly at the cinema cash desk.

All you have to do is download the QR Code via Spid and submit it to the cashier. In this case, the discount will be immediate and can be in the amount of 3 or 4 euros, which will be deducted directly from the total.

Definitely an opportunity not to be missed, born with the intention of bringing people back to theaters and making them relive the magic, which only cinemas can one hundred percent experience.

Definitely an excellent help, which can certainly have great advantages and which can make city cinemas and classic complexes proliferate.

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