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Hockey, Snipers U18 made their debut

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A bitter first championship for Snipers Pizzeria Red Carpet of CV Skating (picture by Katerina Benschi), contenders in the Elite National Under-18 Championships. At PalaMercuri, a powerful Milan won 6-1, at the end of a game balanced for more than half of it and with the score widening towards the end.

Civitavecchio, Italian vice-champions, and with a much-renewed roster compared to last season, are paying the price for the inexperience of many of their new arrivals but the overall performance is still positive.

“The journey of the Under-18 team begins with a defeat that should not demoralize us but should be the first step to including new recruits in a high-level tournament – explains coach Martina Gavazzi – There is a lot of work to be done but I am optimistic: over the course of the season, we will fine-tune The team aims to achieve the best results.

Cv Skating thanks Pizzeria Red Carpet for their important and generous support.

Present: Giulia Mollica, Francesca Borghi, Bernardo and Ruggero Micone, Daniele Ceccuti, Emanuele Scotti, Mattia Cesarini, Emanuele Mendola, Francesco Taglioni, Gloria Padovan, Luis Todoran, Leandro Galioto, Manuel Caranante, Leonardo Pistola, Coach: Martina Gavazzi.

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