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This is where the most amazing and unexplored desert in the world is located

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The Empty Quarter is the largest and most undiscovered desert in the world. This is where it is and why it is called the Empty Quarter.

Empty Quarter: Where is the information and why is it called the Empty Quarter?

Around the world there are about 25 deserts of polar, subtropical, cold or coastal cold origin that extend over an area of ​​more than 50,000 square kilometres, but there is one in particular that has been renamed “fourth is empty”; We are talking about Empty Quarter.

The Empty Quarter Covers about 80% of the landSultanate of OmanIt is 1,000 kilometers long and at least 500 kilometers wide, and most of its area is still unexplored and shrouded in complete mystery.

A veritable “ocean of sand”, this is a desert of wonder where massive natural sand dunes give life to a stunning rollercoaster of extraordinary purity and freedom; I think the dunes are 250 meters high.

But then, why was it renamed as “fourth is empty”.

Empty Quarterto me The Quranalong with the sea, earth and sky, represents the fourth part of the universe at the request Allah It remains completely empty, in fact there is a complete absence of man due to his lack of hospitality.

Just to give the idea, not even the most experienced and brave Bedouin dare to venture into it Empty Quarter desertor rather they do it to a certain point.

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The Empty Quarter desert It is also known as Di “Atlantis sand” And for a 360-degree experience it is possible to organize an overnight stay in the dunes, obviously camping, and the view, believe me, is also unique in that there is no light pollution.

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