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Questions from January. Here are the requirements

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After months of announcements, there is finally a date. The water reward Up to 1000 Euro, without Isee, to change showers, bathroom faucets and toilet bowls will be turned on from January, when citizens will be able to apply. further delay compared to the time it was believed to have activated (end of October), making the account spent months waiting a 13. The bonus was actually provided by Budget Law 2020 From Conte’s second government, but with a passage to the executive Mario Draghi And the establishment of the Ministry of Ecological Transformation (which deals with the contribution), times have expanded. The custom platform built by Sogei is now finally under construction. Let’s see how it will work Interventions that will be allowed.

Additional showers and taps, requirements for obtaining them

The contribution aims to encourage the replacement of old sanitary ware and faucets to ensure the provision of water resources, hence the name. to use it on you Be 18 years old and reside in Italy. Then one must be “the holders of a right of ownership or other real right to the existing buildings, as well as the personal rights to enjoy parts of the existing buildings or individual units. In the case of joint shareholders or holders of a real or personal right to enjoyment, the remuneration can only be claimed afterwards.” Announcement of successful contact of the owner / co-owner of the property The desire to use it, which must also be filled out on the platform with owner data.

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Moreover, in order to obtain the incentive, it is necessary to carry out interventions “to replace sanitary ceramic pots New appliances with low exhaust sanitary fittings, Shower heads and columns Existing devices with new devices that limit the flow of water.” So they have to wear New ceramic sanitary bowls With a maximum drain volume within 6 liters, faucets and mixers with a water flow rate of 6 liters per minute or shower heads / columns with a maximum flow rate of 9 liters per minute.

It will be possible to obtain directly on IBAN, up to a maximum of one thousand euros, also for previously completed works, but always in 2021.

How to apply

The application will be served on the web space (created by Sogei)”water reward platform”, which will arrive soon and which will be accessed from the website of the Ministry of Environmental Transformation. To enter, you will need a Spid or an electronic ID. Once registered, the subject must provide a series of data, including: the amount of expenses incurred, and Technical specifications of the work performed, the amount of the asset and the characteristics of the extension or installation, the designation of the space for the property, the declaration that you do not actually benefit from other privileges for those expenses and the coordinates of the bank/postal account (IBAN) of the beneficiary who credited the refund. Finally you will serve Attach a copy of the commercial document or invoice.

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The A copy of the bank payment Or by mail or payment with other traceable payment systems, along with seller documentation that tracks the transaction back to the purchased product. In this regard, mites established Water Reward Operator Model which the seller certifies: payment methods; types of goods purchased; Total expenses incurred by the beneficiary and required to be paid. The Document required for application It must be attached.

The repaymentOn the other hand, it is excluded: if the request is incorrect in the assembly, incomplete information and / or attachments, or if irregularities are found in relation to what has been declared after the checks. If the house is jointly registered, the award application must be attached Successful Owner/Co-owner Communication Announcement From the property of the will to use it.

Possibility to refinance

The bonus can only be claimed once for one drug. It will only be valid until the resources are exhausted. 20 million euros have already been allocated in this area. But the new gambit, which is currently being debated in the Senate, could allocate other funds with some last-minute tweaks. Yes Otherwise, he will risk satisfying his purchasing power in a short timeWith so many questions asked in a short time. In any case, Minister Roberto Cingolani intends to focus on the bounty if it goes well among the citizens, and is asking his colleague Daniele Franco for further funding and perhaps Extension of time for household chores.

The other bonus is water

The water reward should not be confused with the drinking water reward also stipulated in the 2020 Budget Law which was issued only last June. that it 50% tax credit About the expenses incurred From the beginning of 2021 until the end of 2022 Purchasing and installing “water saving and plastic packaging” systems.

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Home bonus, perks for renovations and facades: Discounts remain on the bill and balance transfer

Filtering, cooling, mineralization and adding food carbon dioxide. The contribution can be obtained for different types of installed systems. The maximum spend is 1,000 euros per house (So ​​the contribution is up to 500 euros) and 5 thousand for real estate used for commercial or institutional activities (with a maximum deduction of 2500 euros).

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