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Do you know who produces it for Eurospin and Lidl? Don’t expect that

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Are Lidl and Eurospan cakes the best? Everyone wants to know who the producers are – the answer is surprising.

It’s almost Easter and Easter, with all the traditional desserts that can be put on the table. From the classic chocolate eggs presented in different variations, to the Easter dove with the traditional recipe. Given the exorbitant prices, consumers choose to take advantage of two popular discount supermarkets. Their products won with their low price and high quality, but the question naturally arises: who produces them Eurospin and Lidl Easter doves?

Who Produces Lidl Doves for Easter?

Lidl supermarket Always on top, with a range of products that offer incredible value for money. For this reason, even around Easter, consumers decided to use chocolate eggs and columba directly.

Easter Baths

the Two discount versions Under the famous Favorina brand. The first comes in a neat, hard cardboard packaging, while the second comes in a plastic bag. The manufacturer is different, in fact the Easter Favorina Dove with plastic bag is produced by the factory in Fusano in Cuneo. This plant belongs to the leading brand of Balocco, which produces Columba under the name Favorina.

its cost not exceed 4 euroswith 700 grams of premium product.

The canned version is produced in Brogliano, in the province of Vicenza by Il Vecchio Forno, with a consumer price of over 5 euros.

Eurospin Easter: Producers

Eurospin is something else Leading supermarket in Italy. Most of the products are discount brands, but by looking closely at the label, one discovers that they are produced by well-known and famous companies.

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dove duca muscati easter, classic with traditional recipe, It is produced by the Fossano factory – Cuneo province – directly from Mania. The cost to the end consumer is 5.49 euros.

Easter cake

Easter dove

Then there is also a version for those who do not like candied fruit, produced in Brogliano in the province of Vicenza. Also in this case it is Vecchio Forno who produces this Great productas indeed in the Lidl supermarket.

What does all this mean? Discount stores offer traditional specialties, but they are produced by leading Italian companies. These are popular names, and they are part of the Italian tradition. The lower cost is due to the decision to package the products by another company, with less advertising and sell them anyway through a high-end discount chain.

Client They learned to read the label and understood that behind the product of an “unknown” brand there are companies that offer high-quality ingredients and high-level processing. Paying less, in this case, does not mean giving up the quality of the product but not getting it Advertising or special packaging.

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