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Queen Elizabeth, London sold out at high hotel rates

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The skyrocketing price hike in London –

Tim Hentschel, chief executive of HotelPlanner, a London-based online reservation service, told local media that since Elizabeth II’s death was announced last week, hotel attendance in London has increased to “nearly 95% of rooms occupied, about 20 % above the seasonal average. He added, “The rates of structures of all categories have increased, and we still expect them to double in the days closest to the ceremony.”

Countries excluded from the funeral –

The list of countries completely excluded from invitations to the state funeral of Elizabeth II scheduled to be held in London on Monday 19 has been lengthened. Unofficial sources from the British government have reported BBC The court – apparently on the recommendation of neo-conservative Prime Minister Liz Truss – crossed out any possible participation not only of government representatives, but also of diplomats from countries under Western sanctions such as Afghanistan, Syria and Venezuela; In addition to Vladimir Putin’s Russia, put on the index because of the war in Ukraine since recent days, along with its ally Belarus and Burma from the military coup junta.

Among the unwelcome nations of the great American ally, Iran, Nicaragua and even North Korea have so far been included: albeit invited to the level of ambassadors, not rulers. Finally, the expectation of the arrival of about 500 foreign dignitaries, including several heads of state or government, has been confirmed for the time being.

For advocates of royal families in foreign countries, as well as for heads of state, there is also an invitation to a reception which Charles III, as the new king, will give at the palace after the conclusion of his mother’s funeral, which is due to proceed. at 11 locals (12 in Italy) in Westminster Abbey: the place where the last funeral of the reigning monarch dates back to the nineteenth century; But it is with which Elizabeth is particularly attached, as it was the scene of her indestructible marriage to the consort of Prince Philip, who was nominated in 1947; He then celebrated his official coronation in 1953, a year after assuming the throne.

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Tensions for ‘uncomfortable’ guests –

Controversy is taking place, on the sidelines of preparations for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth on Monday, within the ruling Conservative Party over the invitations to the Chinese leadership. It is fed by some of the House of Commons’s long-time Conservatives, such as Tim Lawton and former leader Ian Duncan Smith, who have addressed a letter of protest to the two heads of Parliament. The two, along with other fellow “hawks,” denounced the inclusion of Beijing government leaders as inappropriate (the “architects” in their words the “genocide” of the Xinjiang Uyghurs, recently sanctioned as such by the Westminster Parliament) in their list of invitations. Ceremonial Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The pick appears to have been made behind James Cleverly, the new Secretary of State in Liz Truss’ government, but he remains an executive. At the moment, it seems that President Xi Jinping does not actually intend to be in London for the funeral, but Chinese sources announce the arrival of Vice President Wang Qishan. The signatories argue that the dragon should have been banned as did Russia, Belarus, Burma, Venezuela, Syria and Afghanistan. Or at least he admitted to representing him at the ambassadorial level only, such as Iran, North Korea, and Nicaragua. In any case, if nothing else, they ask for a guarantee that Beijing guests will not be invited to the post-funeral reception given by King Charles (moreover, only to foreign heads of state), since China has imposed sanctions in response to a proposal on “Genocide” 7 of the kingdom’s parliamentarians – including Duncan Smith and Luton themselves – singled out as particularly hostile.

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Charles was the protagonist as heir to the throne of a historic diplomatic incident toward Beijing in 1999: when he blatantly lost a grandiose reception given by the Queen and his mother at the behest of the then Labor government, Tony Blair, to the Chinese president. Time, Jiang Zemin, visits London.

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