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Queen Elizabeth, left the secret message “will open in 2085” for Australians

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Queen Elizabeth passed away a few days ago, and as her subjects go to bid their last farewells, new rumors and secrets emerge about the royal family.

This time in the center of attention is a secret letter allegedly written by Queen Elizabeth II to her countrymen Sydney. No one knows what it contains, but a phrase has been released that raises many doubts.

Queen Elizabeth II left her kingdom and with her passing many people were left in anticipation secretsincluding one A mysterious message to Australians.

No one, not even members of the royal family, knows what is written inside. Everything points to something really important and that must read In a specific year, as the Queen indicated, specifically In the year 2085. What will happen in that year? What does the message contain?

Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for 70 years and honors all her duties until the last moment, as promised at the time of her coronation.

Indeed, a few days before her death, she presented herself for the official visit of the new British Prime Minister, despite her being visibly fragile.

Queen Elizabeth II

What worried the participants was that famous bruise on the hand, possibly a sign of an injection or disease. The cause of his unexpected death was not revealed.

On September 8, the bad news came: Queen Elizabeth died at Balmoral Castle in Edinburgh. With her death, she took a lot secrets Some are like the letter to the Australians, They will be kept under lock and key for many more years.

The kingdom, in fact, is well-known: it is not only full of kings, it is also full of scandals and mysteries. And even the state of Queen Elizabeth – as much as she tried her best – was no less: just think of Diana’s death or the Epstein scandal. And once again, Meghan and Harry’s choice to walk away from their true roots has definitely upset everyone.

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Now he’s getting noticed A famous letter was found in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. The Queen’s manuscript is addressed to the Lord Mayor of Sydney in Australia and its contents are confidential.

Queen Elizabeth II

in spite of that, Words leaked Which raise more suspicion and arouse the interest of the whole world. The mysterious message, which was kept under lock and key, reads: “Greetings. In the year 2085 AD, I open this envelope and pass on my message to them to the citizens of Sydney.”

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