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Is No Way Home a living challenge for a new universe? Kevin Feige speaking

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While we are already talking about the possible coinvolgimento di Venom in SpiderMan No Way Home. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke The matter of the multiverse Parallel with the animated movie Spider-Man: A New World.

Beyond I talked about the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man, the new Marvel Cinematic Universe will make extensive use of the parallel universes concept, definitively introduced to the franchise through the TV series. loki NS what if…? But already the basis of the Oscar-winning animated film from Sony. So we must ask ourselves if There is no place for home Not some kind of live response a new worldAnd Kevin Feige clearly has his say on the matter.

Spider-Man: A New Universe has certainly popularized the concept of the existence of the multiverse, realities populated by similar characters that are different from those we are accustomed to. But it’s not necessarily about wanting to compete with this movie. If anything, it’s about wanting to tell our story“.

remember it sequel Spider-Man: A New World Currently in production In view of the release scheduled for October 2022, about a year later Spider-Man: There’s no way home: Healthy competition is always healthy, especially now that it’s Sony is looking to improve its content related to superheroes and the world of Spider-Man. In this regard, Kevin Feige confirmed that Disney and Sony will work with Spider-Man And they will not repeat back and forth on the issue of personality rights.

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