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Ukraine, Gomez on La7: “The United States today refused a ceasefire because it cannot bear that China is an international player”

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Ukrainian soldiers training in Italy to launch French-Italian missiles? We always have Less likely to present ourselves as mediators in the theater of conflict. That is, we are part of the struggle, albeit a small one: we are trying to defend the Ukrainians, we are doing well, but we are also trying to win the conflict. But we are sure of that put it in He would really allow himself to be defeated without using Tactical nuclear weapons? there CIA She’s not sure of that at all. Not knowing what will happen, we travel into the unknown.” Thus, a tagada (A7), Peter Gomezboss And Just MillenniumComments on the presence of Ukrainian soldiers in the Santa Barbara barracks sapodia (Latina) for training in the use of the Samp-T surface-to-air missile system.

Gomez adds: “The question is always the same that even the head of the CIA asks: If Putin loses the war and therefore his power, he also risks losing his life because he is a tyrant, are we sure he will not use or attempt to use tactical nuclear weapons? No one can give us The answer and then maybe we should take it into account. I don’t think that’s happening.”

He explains: “When? Today the United States says no to a cease-fireThey do not do this because they fear that Putin will rearm. Indeed, the United States cannot tolerate China repeating what it did in Ukraine between Saudi Arabia and Iran, their great enemy. That is, the United States They cannot tolerate China proving that it is an international player It moves on the world stage as a force of peace and war equal to their might. There – Gomez concludes – They are fighting for parts of the landBut the fight is not for Ukraine. It is for a world that, according to the Chinese and Russians, must become multipolar. Right or wrong, but it’s dangerous for me because the more powers there are around the world, the greater the risk of conflict. In short, this is the game.

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