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A missile fell in Moldova and Ukrainian cities are under attack – the world

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A missile fell on the territory of Moldova, near the border with Ukraine. According to what was reported by the Russian RIA Novosti agency, quoting the Ministry of Interior. The missile was found by Moldovan border guards near Prichini, in the north of the country, on the day when Russian missile attacks were underway over much of Ukraine, and it was repelled by anti-aircraft missiles from Kyiv. Because of the Russian raids, several cities in Ukraine were left without water or electricity. According to the head of the military department in Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine, He added, “Part of the city is without electricity, and many boilers and water pumping stations are cut off. Operators in Odessa in the south and Sumy in the northeast reported interruptions in water and electricity supplies. Electricity was also out in Mykolaiv in the south, according to the mayor, Oleksandr Senkevich.

president Volodymyr Zelensky But he said that Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense shot down “most” of the missiles fired by the Russians today.

A drone hit the runway of Russia’s Engels-1 Air Base in the Saratov region today, damaging two Tu-95 bombers, Ukrainska Pravda reports.
Adding that at least two soldiers were wounded and taken to hospital. Earlier, three people were killed and at least five others were injured in an explosion at an airport near Ryazan, southeast of Moscow:
The emergency services told the Russian news agency Tass. According to other Russian media reported by Western media, an oil tanker loaded with
fuel and wounded six.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the bridge linking Crimea to the Union Territory, which was attacked last October. The chief crossed the restored bridge and spoke with some of the workers working on it, reports the TASS agency. According to Putin, Russia can count on a “huge army” of volunteers, numbering 21 million people.

Meanwhile I amThe Wall Street Journal The US alleges that the US has secretly modified HIMARS missile launchers it delivered to Ukraine so that they cannot be used in long-range missiles capable of hitting Russia. The newspaper quoted some of the administration’s sources as saying The change was a necessary precaution to reduce the risk of a wider war with Russia.

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