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Putin launched a military operation in Ukraine and threatens: consequences for those who interfere. NATO: We will defend our allies – the world

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When it was almost six o’clock in Moscow, Putin announced on television the Russian attack on Ukraine. Powerful explosions were immediately heard in the Ukrainian cities of Odessa, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Lviv and the capital Kiev, where the Russians allegedly tried to take over the airport. Navigation blocked in the Sea of ​​Azov, the Russian Defense Ministry announces: “Ukrainian air defenses were destroyed,” Kiev reported that it shot down five Russian planes and one helicopter. Russian forces will also enter Ukraine from Belarus and Crimea. Belarusian President Lukashenko summoned the heads of the armed forces. For the Guardian, Putin’s message regarding the start of operations could have been recorded, likely on Monday 21.

At least seven people were killed and nine others were injured as a result of Russian bombing in Ukraine.

At ten o’clock, a meeting of the Ministerial Committee for the Security of the Republic was held at Shigi Palace.

put it in He announced the military operation in Ukraine, stating that he should protect the Donbass. The Russian president urged Kiev’s forces to hand over their weapons and “go home,” stressing that Moscow’s plans do not include the occupation of Ukraine but rather to defuse the country with a special operation. Vladimir Putin said Russia “will not make the same mistake twice in pleasing the West.” TASS quoted the Russian president as saying: “Anyone who tries to put obstacles in front of us and interfere” in Ukraine “knows that Russia will respond with consequences that we have not seen before. We are ready for anything. I hope that our voice will be heard.” Putin added that NATO and its use of Ukrainian territory were unacceptable. Moscow’s envoy to the United Nations said Russia aims to “get to power in Kiev”. Russia uses “high-precision weapons to destroy the Ukrainian military infrastructure”. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing Interfax. Other Russian forces enter Ukraine from Belarus. “Ukraine’s air defenses were suppressed“, according to what TASS quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying.

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Eyewitnesses report it In Kiev, “long queues at gas stations” form Street traffic, especially in the suburbs, is “dense”. Residents of the capital, according to two different testimonies and traffic control applications, are trying to leave the city.

Strong condemnation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “The attack is not justified, we are close to the Ukrainian people and institutions. We are working with European allies and NATO – he adds – to respond immediately, with unity and determination.”

there Boy Strongly condemns “Russia’s unjustified attack on Ukraine and demands that Moscow immediately stop its military action.” Moreover, he reiterates his support for the Ukrainian people and reaffirms that he will do “everything necessary to protect and defend his allies.” This is what we read in a statement issued by the Secretary of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg

Putin chose a premeditated war that would lead to huge loss of life and suffering.” Biden After the Russian President announced a military operation in Ukraine. The United States and its allies will “impose severe sanctions on Russia”: “We will continue to provide support and assistance to Ukraine and its people.” US President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Ukrainian President.

“It is the saddest moment of my tenure as Secretary-General of the United Nations. President Putin, in the name of humanity, has brought back Russian forces.” Antonio said that Guterres. He added: “This conflict must stop now, what is clear to me is that this war is meaningless and violates the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.” UK condemns Moscow’s military action in Ukraine: British Prime Minister Boris says so Johnson, who in a letter declared himself “panicked” by what he called an “unprovoked attack”. President Vladimir Putin – deplores Johnson – “chosen the path of bloodbath and destruction”. The Russian military operation is a “blatant violation” of international law. This is what German Chancellor Olaf said Schulz.

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“Ukraine will defend itself and will win. The world can and must stop Putin: it’s time to act now”: this is what the Ukrainian Foreign Minister said Coleba After the announcement of the Russian military operation. “Putin launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine: our peaceful cities are under attack, and this is a war of aggression,” Kuleba adds. Ukraine imposes martial law on the country. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky. “Keep calm and stay at home”: Ukrainian President urges not to panic, the ongoing Russian operation in several cities in Ukraine aims to “destroy the Ukrainian state, seize its territory by force and establish an “occupation”: the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Ministry denounced this in a statement. It also called Kiev and the international community to “immediate action.” The ministry added that only “united and strong measures can stop Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.”

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