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PS5 and PS4 exclusives on day one too on PC? This is what Benji-Sales thinks –

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Sony will launch Exclusively on PS5 and PS4 Also from PlayStation Studios So the PC on the first day? According to Benji-Sales, a well-known analyst and content creator, this scenario is unlikely, at least for single-player games, but he nonetheless expects it Shorter waiting times To publish computer ports.

Last Friday, the PC version of God of War appeared to be doing excellent sales figures, based on contemporary gamers and Steam and Epic Games Store sales ratings. This opened up various debates on social networks, with users wondering if in the future Sony would decide to launch the PlayStation exclusive simultaneously on consoles and PC, without a long wait. As you probably know, in fact, most PlayStation games arrived on Steam and the Epic Games Store just years after they debuted on PS4.

Says Benji-Sales, who nonetheless expects Waiting times have been reduced to just one year To launch PC ports for PlayStation Studios games.

Also, Benji-Sales explains that things might be different with respect to Multiplayer games, with Sony that can evaluate simultaneous launch on PCs and consoles to ensure a larger player base. In this sense, the first test could be The Last of Us multiplayer that Naughty Dog is working on.

“Perhaps large multiplayer projects can emerge at the same time,” says Benji-Sales. “Naughty Dog’s Factions 2 is going to be really interesting to watch. Will the game be PlayStation exclusive when it launches or will it release at the same time on PC with cross-play? Usually for multiplayer games that want to have the largest player base possible. Tell us. My opinion “.

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Benji-Sales mentions the multiplayer factions from The Last of Us, but we know PlayStation Studios likely works on several multiplayer projects.

What do you think that? Will Sony focus more on the PC market in the future or will it continue to give top priority to PS5 and PS4?

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