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From love of dance to science: who is Chiara, 19 years old, who was run over and killed yesterday on the Catania ring road

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It was her first year as an adult. First time away from home, from small town to city. First university experience, from Student in Biological Sciences at UniCt. And yesterday for Chiara Adorna, 19 years old from SolarinoIt was supposed to be a carefree evening with her boyfriend, one of her peers from the same town of Syracusano. The evening ended in tragedy, as the young woman’s life was cut short by A Accident on the Catania ring road As he expressed Pedestrian crossing Shortly after the Gioini roundabout towards Mestrebianco. First effect with one Scooter Which split the couple up and threw Kiara, who was then completely taken over by Acar Which, according to what was narrated by witnesses A Meridio NewsHe was moving at high speed. However, trying to save the girl was futile Fiancewhich he reported Minor injuriesHe actually came home last night.

The news quickly spread to Solarino as the entire community was left in disbelief today. The pain tightens around him Chiara’s father – A former employee at Syracuse Free Municipal Union (The former governorate Mr. Dr)effective today in officesMarine Protected Area of ​​Belmerio – And based on the mom, Middle school teacher. Even in the municipality, where Siddiq’s young mother works, faces are drawn and many eyes are wet. Originally from Syracuse, the girl’s parents lived for several years in the north BolzanoHis father had won a competition to work in the governorate. Chiara was born there – the youngest of two sisters – and returned to her roots about ten years ago. After studying in Corbino Scientific High School in SyracuseHe chose to attend university in biological sciences and move to Catania. In his young life there are also many feelings: of Dance to the animals.

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“It’s a tragedy,” he repeats. Giuseppe GermanoMayor Solarino. “Chiara was a child, and I know her family, they are wonderful people – continues the mayor – it is impossible to accept this: you send your daughter to university and they return her to you in a coffin. We will not mourn citizens by choice, to prevent the matter from being exploited.”

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