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Promising shares on the Italian Stock Exchange with the Meloni government

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what is it Better titles – Or rather, it will probably go up Italian Stock Exchange On the basis of the Meloni government’s agenda?

Italy turns the hourglass again and breathes life into a new and different political environment, ideologically different from the previous one, and likely to persist over time. assumptions Meloni government It was marked by his proposals and his prime minister’s statements, leaving little room for interpretation.

The best stocks in the Italiana Stock Exchange with the Meloni government

The Italian stock market appears to have accepted this change well, while maintaining sideways upward trend. The reason lies mainly in the fact that some Addresses index leader ftsi ib They seem to particularly appreciate the adoption of a governmental structure like the one established by Giorgia Meloni.

Under the magnifying glass of stock exchange traders there Telecom Italia and Leonardo SpA


From the previous lower bounds, the Telecom stocks (TLIT) They scored a 20-point increase. The recent news regarding the stock has started a whirlwind of buying that doesn’t seem to have run out yet.

Request Renationalization of the communications group By Fratelli d’Italia, it creates the conditions for the creation of a single broadband network. Although this process goes against the strategy of TIM CEO Pietro Labriola, the proposal appears to have been welcomed by the market for all intents and purposes. talking about the so-calledThe Minerva Project“, which aims to create a unique infrastructure for communications. Also in anticipation “Acquisition of Cassa Deposti e Prestiti.

Giorgia Meloni herself, in the middle of the election campaign, repeatedly emphasized the importance and need for Italy to move forward on this project.

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Similarly, on October 25, the Prime Minister himself announced the government’s intention to do so Protecting strategic infrastructures And to ensure public ownership of the networks, declaring:

“Companies will be able to provide services under free competition, starting with the telecommunications sector.”

In the first place, there are the concepts of digital transformation, the sovereignty of technology, the national cloud, and cybersecurity.

TLIT - 1 D

TLIT – 1 D
Area chart for Telecom Italia stock


Another title that seems to benefit from the current political organization is Leonardo SBA. Since the beginning of the election campaign in Italy, it has always been one of the focal points defense sector: The new prime minister has shown that she supports providing support to Ukraine against Russian aggression. The most obvious is the request of Ukrainian President Zelensky, who expressed the need to receive a continuous supply of weapons to counter Russian air attacks.

In a pessimistic scenario but not too far from the reality in which war finds room to breed, Leonardo (LDOF) could enrich its budgets. Most likely, the stock market audience is already discounting this hypothesis in price as the stock market is up 12% from its October lows.


Leonardo SpA . stock area chart

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