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Programming, Tables, Television, Streaming. Weekend Calendar June 17-19 – OA Games

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Tour de Force For that Formula One. After facing the ever-normal Azerbaijan GB, the circus has already packed all its equipment and loaded it on cargo planes, which are now flying over the Atlantic Ocean. The goal QuebecAs Canadian Grand PrixRecurrence after two seasons caused by infection.

Appointment Montreal It was in practice a June Classic Before disrupting the normal course of Covit-19 events, but fortunately we are returning to our usual habits. So let’s go back to F1 Ile de Notre Dame, where we will be racing 41st time In history. In fact, since 1978, the capital of Quebec has been missing only four times from the calendar (1987, 2009, 2020, 2021). In this regard, the most incredible story is that 1987 was canceled. “Beer War”.

Bernie in 1986 Ecclestone And distillery Molson They entered into a sponsorship agreement for the event for the venture seasons. However, the other brewery was in stark contrast to the contract in the industry Lapat And Montreal Municipality. There was a real legal battle that could not regulate the 1987 race! Switching to GP is also recommended Toronto, But this possibility raised the scales in favor of Ecclestone (and Molson) … at other times! Going back to the present, how can we follow the 2022 version of Canadian GB TV?

F1, Esteban Ocon: “Monte Carlo, Spa and French GB? They need to be maintained, they are special species. “

F1 – 2022 Canada GB Plan

Friday 17 June (Italian timetable)
20.00-21.00, Free Training1
23.00-00.00, Free Training2

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Saturday 18 June (Italian timetable)
19.00-20.00, Free Training3
22.00-23.00, Qualifications

Sunday 19 June (Italian time)
20.00, betting

F1 – GP CANADA 2022 on TV

Pay TV – The Canadian Grand Prix will be broadcast in full Live And exclusively from Sky SportsAll free training sessions, qualification and betting will be proposed. Sky Sport F1 (207) It will also broadcast various in-depth shows. Full directness of F1 can be guaranteed Sky Sport One (201) And, to Sky Q owners, from Sky Sport 4K (213).

Free and clear TV – Free Broadcast Channel TV8 (125 Sky and 8DT) will be broadcast for free, but in Postponed, Qualification and Betting. There is no free live broadcast of the event, as well as no free coverage of the free training sessions.

Streaming – Canadian GP can be fully imitated on PC, tablet and smartphone through the app Skyco (Reserved for Sky subscribers only). You can also see the Montreal meeting on the Streaming On Demand service NavTV. Finally, we must not forget how the deferred race is available on the Internet

Live Live – OA Sport will write every session of the Canadian Grand Prix live, from free training to racing flag.

TV Project8

Saturday, June 18
11.30 pm * – Eligibility, adjourned

Sunday 19 June
9.30pm * – Betting, Postponed

* TV8 schedule may be subject to immediate change for specified days.

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