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Efforts are underway to encourage teens to be vaccinated thanks to video games

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There was competition Targeted those aged 12 to 25 and vaccinated from May 25 to October 1. Each of the potential participants was invited to post a photo on social media with the hashtag #gamervacciné_e, the only condition that gave them the right to participate in the draw for a whopping $ 25,000 total prize money.


Two days of vaccinations were scheduled for soldiers at the Palais des Congress between September 11 and 12., Participants were able to compete to win more prizes and get to know the personalities of the local video game industry. “This is what we are trying to create: a buzz in this community,” the doctor said Paul the Warrior, Montreal Public Health Representative. “It’s about meeting people where they are now and convincing them through a channel they understand.”

The vaccination rate among young people in the city is lower than in other parts of the country. Only 57% of Montreal children between the ages of 12 and 17 have completed immunization against Govit-19, up from 67% across Canada. “Maybe they don’t care too much,” Le Courier said. “Unfortunately, a lot of news was started by the media in support of the study that young people are at lower risk of contracting the virus or becoming infected.”

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“Some doctors say it’s because delta variant infections are on the rise At least 85% of the population should be vaccinated against what is known as herd immunity.. This is an important point for parents of children who are about to return to classroom learning, ”he said Earl Rubin, Director of Infectious Diseases at Montreal Children’s Hospital. “If school is to be reopened, school epidemics and we do not want schools to be closed, we need to reach this figure,” Rubin said.

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