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Princess: Review of the film that opens up the competition in Venice 79 :: Blog on Today

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Waiting for the public preview of opening movie From the official competition in Venice 79, white noise Written by Noah Baumbach On the afternoon of the first day of the Venice Film Festival, the title presentation that started the competition in the Orizonte section. It is located around A princess, A film directed by Roberto de Pauls who chose to give voice to the prostitutes of the Roman suburbs by showing their lives of abuse, ridicule and instability on the Lido of Venice. Whoever calls herself a princess is a very young Nigerian prostitute who makes a living in Rome by selling her body because, she says, it’s as if no one has ever “used” her, after all, she is always paid to get her to work. No longer knowing what her real name is, as well as her true identity and behind a pink wig, makeup and leading lady, Princess goes up the street, lives in the woods, and makes a living from sex with whomever stops. Whether it is small or large, the important thing is that you always have twenty or thirty euros to make a living.

This film, not structurally beautiful, is very exciting for the themes addressed and leads to reflection on the topic of prostitution and sexual violence, surprising for its raw but sensitive story at the same time. De Paolis is able to show us a subject much talked about, like prostitution, from a different point of view, the point of view of those who are forced to make it a reason to live, in this case, a secret nineteen-year-old who has to do everything he does not eat from the world around her. Despite its irony, this film takes on an unexpected subtlety thanks to the simplicity and sweetness that shines through in those few moments when the heroine becomes vulnerable and lets herself go live with those feelings that have been silent for so long.

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Breaking the chains of indifference and lack of influence, the princess learns to recognize love but always depends on herself, and eventually comes to realize that in addition to injustice, there is also another side to life. He made his mark in the minds of the viewers of the film who, at the end of the press preview, could not help but indulge in sincere and warm applause.

Rating: 6

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