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Princes, cowboys and secret services: films not to be missed on TV this evening

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The early evening of a Wednesday in May is full of titles and films that may pique the curiosity of many onlookers. Here is a small guide to discover addresses that should not be missed Tonight on TV.

All the movies to watch on TV tonight

The prince is looking for a son

It was 1988 when it hit cinemas The prince is looking for a wife, A film directed by John Landis, in which he stars Eddie Murphy As an African prince, he traveled to New York to see the world, then fell in love with the daughter of a restaurant owner. A true cult film of the 7th Art, which certainly did not need a sequel. But in 2021 it debuted on Prime Video The prince is looking for a son, Available tonight on TV at 9.27pm on Italia 1. The film begins thirty years after the events recounted in the first act, and sees Prince Akeem, now king, returning to New York in search of a ‘lost’ son who can save his son. kingdom.

Back to Cold Mountain

For viewers keen on melodrama and romantic stories, it airs at 9.15pm on La7 Back to Cold Mountain. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Charles Fraser, and tells the love story between the beautiful Ada Munro (Nicole Kidman(And the carpenter Inman Bales)Jude Law): A love story that risks extinction forever due to the outbreak of civil war that leads Inman to the front and Ada to fight alone against a society that has left women unprotected. While Inman decides to run away to return to the woman he loves after risking his life, Ada welcomes Ruby into her home (Renee Zellweger) And with it he will have to face other risks.

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Attack on Power – Olympus has fallen

The action movie that appears to be a copy of it die hard, Attack on Power – Olympus has fallen It is a film that tells the story of Mike Banning (Gerard Butler), a soldier appointed to be the personal bodyguard of the President of the United States of America (Aaron Eckhart), who is assigned to the Treasury Department when the President blames him for saving him and not his wife during a terrorist attack. However, soon, the President will need his most trusted man again, when the White House is stormed by a group of terrorists. The time is at 9:30 pm on TV8

False love – girl gone

It goes live at 9.25pm ​​on 11 November False love – girl gone, a film depicting the drift of a toxic marital relationship, led by a narcissist. The heroine is AmyRosamund Pike), a beautiful and elegant woman, the daughter of two writers who made her the character of their most famous books. Amy meets Nick (Ben Affleck) at a party in New York and the two quickly fell in love and married. However, the economic crisis changes the couple’s balance and the two are forced to move to Nick’s hometown, and Amy begins to see her fantasies crumbling: she loses her social standing, and Nick no longer looks like the man she married. But everything changes when Amy disappears into thin air and everyone begins to suspect Nick. But is that really how things are?

Kingsman: The Secret Service

It’s at 9.10pm on TwentySeven tonight Kingsman: The Secret Service, A film that pays homage to the tradition associated with James Bond films in a more cynical way. The story is the story of a troubled boy from the slums of London (Taron Egerton) who discovers not only that his father was a spy, but above all that there is a place for him in the academy that will transform him into… Kingsman. Harry will be his guide (Colin Firth(and Merlin)Mark Strong), which will involve him in a battle against Valentine’s devilish plans (Samuel L. Jackson) who wants to eliminate half the population.

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Command Sky Inspector Callaghan

The last film we recommend among the films available on TV tonight is the one broadcasting at 9.24pm on Iris, Command Sky Inspector Callaghan. Released in 1976 and directed by James Fargo, the third act is dedicated to the character of Dirty Harry, once again played by an unforgettable character. Clint Eastwood. Thanks to his unorthodox methods, Harry is called back into duty when a group of terrorists led by a Vietnam veteran tries to blow up the entire city of San Francisco.

A cinema classic not to be missed.

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