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Prince Andrew will no longer be called His Royal Highness. and give up military ranks – Corriere.it

From Luigi Ippolito

Prior to the sexual assault trial, Member of Parliament Windsor returned official positions and honorary military ranks to the Queen.

From London interview Drop the cleaver at Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth has decided to sever official ties with her favorite son, Prince Andrew, whose head is hung rape suit Submitted by Virginia Roberts Joffrey, Victim of pedophile tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell: A note from the palace announced last night that Andrea had been deprived of royal and military titles and that from now on he would have to fend for himself. as an ordinary citizen. The Prince remains His Royal Highness, but, like Harry and Meghan, he will not be able to take the title in public.

A painful move, settled at the end of a series of conversations between the most important members of the royal family, including the king, who had nevertheless always been a sweet spot for Andrea: but it was a turning point made necessary after a judge in New York, Wednesday, He had given the green light to the lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts (who is now married as Giuffre). A development that risks involving the entire British monarchy in a vile scandal over which the Megxit is diminished, and the defection of the Dukes of Sussex, which in terms of consequences could fade until the memory of Edward VIII’s abdication in 1936.

The hypothesis emerged yesterday that the prince wanted to attempt an extrajudicial settlement in extreme cases by offering Virginia Joffrey 10 million pounds (about 12 million euros), but the woman’s lawyer made it clear from New York that It is very important to Virginia that the problem be resolved in a way that is fair to herself and the other victimsIn other words, no compromise. And even the prince, according to the BBC, intends to continue the fight.

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So there are all the elements of confrontation that will only harm the monarchy. This really should be Platinum Jubilee YearCelebrations of Elizabeth’s 70th reign: but the celebrations, which will culminate in June, risk being completely overrun From the clamor related to the filing of legal proceedings, Which must be completed by July, then will be tried in September.

Worst of all, they can also be Other family members also shared Real: Andrea’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, who is still the Duchess of York, can be questioned, as well as her daughter Beatrice, who Andrea used as an excuse to claim she didn’t meet 17-year-old Virginia Roberts in 2001. The prince must be heard on videotape to be interviewed which can last for up to seven hours without loopholes and will be recorded under oath, exposing Andrea to a possible indictment for perjury.

If the prince loses the case, a terrifying scenario will open up. Elizabeth’s reign comes to an end, for reasons of inevitable, and Charles soon becomes king: But he risks becoming a ruler whose brother has been convicted of rape. The stain does not see how it can be washed off.

The story then casts a shadow over the relations between Great Britain and the United States. For two years, the FBI tried to question Andrea in connection with the Epstein case, with which the prince was in close contact: but the request sent to the London government was covered up. If a prince wants to go to New York to defend himself, He’d risk getting arrested by the FBI They were forced to submit to their questions. Chilling hypothesis.

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